Summer Rising is a collaboration between NYC DOE and DYCD to offer K-8 students academic enhancement and enrichment activities in-person in DOE schools this summer. (See details below)

Grades: K-5 Dates: July 6-August 20 (Monday to Friday) Time: 8am-6pm Location: IS 268Q

Registration Opens: Monday. April 26, 2021

Families should begin by creating an account on DiscoverDYCD by clicking “Sign In” in the top right corner. Then click “Create an account” below the log in button on the bottom left hand side.

Register using this link: https://discoverdycd.dycdconnect.nyc/home

  • Summer Rising enrollment for students in grades K–8 will begin on April 26.

  • All students will have an opportunity to participate in the program and no student will be turned away.

  • Our school’s program is not listed yet, but will be added soon. Our program site will be IS 268Q.

  • Families should create an account on DiscoverDYCD.

Summer Rising will provide opportunities for NYC students to learn, participate in outdoor activities, and engage with peers and caring adults in safe, supervised, and enriching robust programs—that prepare them for a return to school in September. The City will use the community schools strategy to integrate the DOE’s academic supports and the Department of Youth and Community Development’s (DYCD) school-based enrichment programming to create one comprehensive summer program for students in grades K–8.

Click this link for more information: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/enrollment/summer.Call for more info: 646-343-6800/ 1-800-246-4646