School Leadership Team Meeting Minutes: October 21, 2021

School Leadership Team

Meeting Date: 10/21/21

Meeting Time: 4PM to 5PM


Veronica DePaolo, Principal

Amy Guttell, AP

Kelly Cintron, AP

Courtney Quiles, AP

Loretta Stojic, Teacher

Lisa Lamagra, Teacher

Kyra Ortiz, Teacher

Ceceilia Parnther Parent from Class 402

Natalie Bachayev Parent from Class 504

Kamaria Aubry Parent of Ricardo 5th grade

Monisha Hazara Akter , Parent of Moontashir

Layba Lubna Parent of Arhan Borno

1. Voted in Members of SLT

Chairperson: Kelly Cintron

Secretary: Loretta Stojic

Facilitator: Kamaria Aubrey

Financial Liaison: Lisa Lamagra

Timekeeper: Kyara Ortiz

Parent Liaison: Cecilia Parnther

*Available positions have been filled

2. Cell Phone Policy (from 2017):

Reviewed and Revised

  • On the days of the Statewide Math and ELA Exams, it is highly recommended that cell phones be kept at home on those dates.

  • Although this is a cell phone policy, we decided to add the verbiage “PS 131 refers to cell phones as all cellular devices”

We are all in agreement on the updated cell phone policy

3. Principal DePaolo would like to talk about the CEP. We have revisions due for the CEP due by 10/29. Looking at data from 2018/2019, there is a glaring need for an ENL goal for ELA and Math progress. We received a grade of 1 (2018-2019 data). We have diagnostic assessments to guide our goal-making process. We would need to do a deep dive into the data before 10/29. We can move forward with two goals, one for ELA and 1 for MATH until we do a deeper dive into our data. Include Meredith Torodash to assist with ENL data sort.

We also have a social Question 25. Social-Emotional Goal (parents answered on the survey that children need skills to regulate their emotions.

4. Mrs. Quiles speaks of Brainpower and the benefits of it as a social-emotional and academic overall wellness program. We received additional money allocation so we are expanding and hoping to even have a parent component. We have streamlined that social-emotional learning.

5. Principal Depaolo attended a Principal meeting yesterday 10/20/21 where a new program was rolled out. This program comes from the city to gauge the level of social-emotional supports that needs to be offered based on specific needs. There are 40 questions per student to be filled out by the classroom teacher to analyze the behaviors in the class. The data from the questions will help teachers embed social-emotional learning. Higher tiers will receive additional support.

Next Meeting November 18th, 2021. Members will be emailed with either a Teams or Zoom link.